A competent crew mitigates shipboard operational risk. A great deal of money is invested in training seafarers so that they acquire the knowledge and skills required to be certified as Competent. However knowledge and skills decay over a relatively short period of time, if they are not applied regularly and updated to meet changes in technology, rules, regulations and practice. This continual learning and development process needs to be structured and properly managed.

Competence Management is fundamentally about skills retention, and ensuring that crew are updated and current with respect to being able to perform their job functions safely.

This diagram summarizes the process.

The Competence Management facility is a structured system that tracks, records and reports on the professional development and performance of the workforce.

It provides a road map for career progression that will aid retention of competent personnel essential for meeting operational performance objectives, minmising risk and improving insurance loss ratios.

This add-on facility provides the following:

  • Contains defined standards against which workforce performance is measured.
  • Schedules and records crew skills assessment.
  • Identifies skills gaps, and provides guidance for remedial training to close the gaps.
  • Enables Continual Learning to promote proficiency.
  • Analysis of recorded data that provides real-time status reports of competence at both the organizational and individual levels.
  • Evidence confirming that the workforce meets mandatory and company performance standards.
  • Provides an audit trail for key stakeholders.
Learning Management System (sEaLearn) Add-ons: eCoach


eCoach serves the following purposes:

  • Online forums/discussions on the content of learning modules (online classroom).
  • Posting of training plan/schedules.
  • Dissemination of new information such as safety alerts, Tech-Talks and similar subject matter.
  • Enquiries about on the job concerns such as new equipment or practices that can be directed to a Supervisor or Subject Matter Expert.
  • Creates an inventory of in-house knowledge.
Learning Management System (sEaLearn) Add-ons: Easy Authoring Facility

Easy Authoring Facility


  • Build your own company-specific e-learning modules and courses.
  • Using a simple methodology of compiling the subject matter you require in PowerPoint format and submitting to our team of experts, we shall convert the material to a professionally produced e-learning module, complete with voice over, subtitles, graphics, interactive elements and video as required.